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Corel iGrafx Enterprise v12.02.809

The most comprehensive family of business process analysis tools.

iGrafx is a leading provider of process analysis solutions that help companies achieve competitive advantage through process excellence. The iGrafx products and professional services team enable organizations to improve quality, increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and increase utilization, allocation and deployment of resources through understanding, analyzing and optimizing processes.

iGrafx is a division of Corel Inc. To obtain more information on the iGrafx process excellence solutions, please visit

iGrafx® FlowCharter™

iGrafx® FlowCharter™ is a powerful, easy-to-use process mapping tool that allows you to create value stream maps, flowcharts, process maps, and BPMN diagrams. Document even the most complex processes with intuitive drawing features, then output to Web, print or presentations. iGrafx FlowCharter reduces the time it takes to document processes and business systems, and helps you communicate and achieve a clearer understanding of how tasks, activities and processes must be carried out. It not only promotes compliance and best practice, but also provides a foundation for better management.

iGrafx® Process™

iGrafx® Process™ is a leading process analysis and simulation tool that enables even the most complex processes to be understood, modeled and improved. With advanced visualization, "what-if" analysis, and reporting capabilities, you can reduce cycle times, optimize resources, and minimize costs. As a cornerstone of process improvement for more than a decade, iGrafx Process has helped leading companies understand, improve, deploy and communicate best-practice processes. By targeting high-impact customer facing processes, users can greatly improve customer satisfaction, retention and returns. Includes all the features of iGrafx® FlowCharter™.

iGrafx® Process™ for Six Sigma

iGrafx® Process™ for Six Sigma is a leading process analysis tool to help Six Sigma professionals understand and improve their key processes by easily mapping, modeling and analyzing your Six Sigma projects. The origins of hidden factories, bottlenecks and other drivers of time, cost and rework are rapidly exposed, enabling "quick hit" improvements. Later, high-value opportunities are more easily assessed and prioritized for action by team members. With powerful DOE capabilities, Fit Data, and integrations to MINITAB® and JMP®, iGrafx Process for Six Sigma is the perfect addition to your Six Sigma toolkit. Includes all of the

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