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Norton Antivirus 2007 Fully Activated (with 10 year subscription)

Norton Antivirus 2007 Fully Activated (with 10 year subscription) unrar 132MB

Norton AntiVirus from Symantec is one of the best anti-virus software titles in the world. Enjoy the security of automatic protection against viruses, malicious ActiveX controls and Java applets, and other dangerous code. It protects you while you're surfing the Internet or getting information from floppy disks, CDs, or a network. It also automatically scans incoming attachments in the most popular email programs. It is extremely easy to keep updated, with automatic retrieval of new anti-virus definitions from Symantec as often as once a week...

Key Features

# Detects and removes viruses and spyware

# Blocks spyware and worms automatically

# Prevents virus-infected emails from spreading

# Automatically detect and block viruses, spyware, and worms before they install on your system

# Rootkit Protection finds and removes threats hidden deep in the operating system

# Internet Worm Protection blocks viruses, spyware and worms without needing specific threat signatures

# Email and instant-message scanning detect and remove infected attachments shared with friends, family and others

# Full System Scan performs a deep scan of the system and hard disc to remove existing viruses, spyware and other threats

# Norton Protection Center provides a centralized place to easily check your overall security settings

# Live Update™ Notice alerts you to new features, product updates and threat advisories as available throughout the renewable service period

Platforms: Windows® XP Home/XP Pro/Vista

System requirements:

* 300MHz or higher processor

* 256MB of RAM Minimum

* 180 MB of hard disk space




password del rar : www.softarchive.net

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